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How to Get More Love, Money and Success by Traveling on Your Birthday

You can improve any area of your life by traveling to the right place twice a year, once on your birthday, and again, six months later on your “half-birthday.” Every year, the Sun “returns” to the degree it occupied when you were born. A horoscope made for that exact time and place is called a Solar Return Chart and it affects you for the next year. Most of the effect, however, comes in the first six months.

Six months later, you have your “Half-Solar Return Chart”, and that affects the last half of your personal year. The nice thing about these return charts is if you don’t like them, you can change them. Like any horoscope, these return charts must be set up for a place as well as a time. You can’t change the time of your birthday or half-birthday, but you can choose where to be at that moment ! 

In January of 1981, Author Bob Marks put a theory of his to the test by traveling to a different location on his birthday. "I went to L.A. and stayed there for 36 hours. When I came back, my phone started ringing off the hook with new clients. That year, my income more than doubled. I've been traveling on my birthday ever since. I've also sent clients on thousands of birthday trips !" The results are frequently dramatic. This book will show you how to travel to the right place on your birthday to improve any area of your life that you want."  How to Get More Love, Money, and Success by Traveling on Your Birthday by Bob Marks Astrologer.


For centuries, astrology seemed like fate. You could roll with the punches of the planets, but, until  now, you couldn't change them. Now there is a way to give a twist to the wheel of fate.

Every year on your birthday, you get a solar return horoscope that affects you for the next six months. The nice thing is you can change it by being in a different location on your birthday.

There is a new book that will show you how !; How to Get More Love, Money, and Success by Traveling on Your Birthday by a professional  astrologer Bob Marks.

This book is ideal and very informative for all astrology enthusiasts, astrology students and even  the seasoned professional astrologer! Just read  Susan Millers Review ! Susan Miller is a highly respected and reputable professional astrologer of Astrology Zone ( middle column). Change your Life ! Change your clients Life ! Try it yourself - and see how this really works !

Before becoming a reputable professional astrologer, Mr. Bob Marks started with  a Masters degree in Chemistry and taught that subject for six years on the college level.


Mr. Marks Credentials also include:

  • Member of the NCGR, the largest astrological organization in the nation
  • Lecturer for the NCGR Annual conferences (11)

  • Oprah Winfrey Show Guest (1988 )

  • Newsday magazine (1993)

  • Dell Horoscope (2011)

  • Huffington Post, 3 Interviews

  • Tony Brown Journal Guest

  • Producer and host of "Astrology Now" on Manhattan cable television and now on You Tube

  • Author of Multiple Articles and a book: "How to get More Love, Money, and success by Traveling on Your Birthday."

  • International Clientele ( USA, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, South Korea, etc.)

 Since 1979, he has been the producer and host of "Astrology Now" on Manhattan cable television. It is the longest continuously running TV show on astrology in the nation.

Since 1981 Bob Marks has been a "Full Time Professional Astrologer" and has a growing astrology practice in New York City.

Last Update: 2/26/2013

Susan Miller of Astrology Zone writes her review of the book:

" There is a persistent theory in astrology that if you travel to another city on your birthday (or more precisely, on your "solar return," which is the day the Sun returns to the place it occupied at your birth), you can change your outlook for your coming birthday year. In fact, you can change the outcome of events in the very area of life you would like to improve, simply by relocating yourself on your birthday."

" I have to be honest, I've always been skeptical. Wouldn't your life return to normal when I return home from my trip, I wondered?

My friend and esteemed astrologer, Bob Marks, said flatly, no. He said I would be surprised to see how well this works. In fact, he feels we all should also travel on our half-birthday, exactly six months from our actual birthday, too, to give goals another boost.

To test out his theory, Bob Marks has done years of research on it and has built quite a respected reputation as an expert on the subject.

" A few years ago, Bob dared me to try out his theory. Because we are friends, I took him on. I did travel to a city he recommended on my birthday and was surprised to see how upbeat the results were for me in an area of my life that had been stubbornly resistant to change.

One friend, a major creative director at a top New York ad agency, who is a mutual friend, told me he has consulted with Bob for the past 10 years on this practice, and swears by it."

He is practical and direct - always an asset in astrology. Some astrologers feel a need to use a lot of technical jargon to get their point across, but Bob is not one of them. He has a talent for making complex ideas simple and sweet, and I admire that."

"His book, "How to Get More Love, Money, and Success by Traveling on Your Birthday " is easy to follow, written in almost cookbook style. It shows you precisely how to make decisions on which city you'll want to visit. This small, delightfully organized book is divided into sections.

" I will admit, you would need to have some basic pre-knowledge of astrology and a basic knowledge of your natal chart."

In Part I you get a detailed, yet easy to understand Introduction with three subchapters, including an explanation on such things as "What is a birthday chart?" and "What do the planets actually rule?" In Part II, you get the rundown on the rules to make your choices, and in Part III, called "How Well Does This Work?" Bob answers that question with many case histories given as examples...."

Book Review by Susan Miller ( Astrology Zone ) Reviews

" Bob Marks gives us the benefit of his many years of experience as a consulting astrologer. This delightful book is filled with information on solar returns that you can't get anywhere else. Marks simplifies a complex subject, making it easy to understand and use, and gives clear guidelines to follow if you want to change your destiny by traveling on your birthday. For the less astrologically confident, "How to Get More" will help you assess whether to try this technique on your own or with the help of a professional astrologer.

Even if you don't have the time or inclination to travel (and I am one who doesn't!), this is an entertaining and informative read, with many excellent solar return examples from real life. Marks favors precession-corrected solars over ordinary ones, again with some fine examples. The book also includes a 25-page primer of meanings of the planets in the solar return houses.

Bob Marks' writing is infused with spirit and wit, and he makes his points extraordinarily well. If you've ever wanted to learn more about solar returns without having to drag yourself through a complicated tome, this book is for you! "

You can take a free peek and  review several sections of Bob Marks book before buying. Click on the book cover and go directly to .com where you can read sections of  the book online.

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And start planning your Journey to

Mr. Marks does a wonderful job with this book. I read half of it in just one sitting because it was so compelling that I couldn't put it down! He presents this unique information in a straightforward, clear-cut way. This makes it enjoyable for both astrology experts and anyone with a curious mind and minimal to no astrology experience. It definitely makes me want to start traveling on my birthday!!

If you know someone who studies astrology this book makes a GREAT gift !