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Would you like to share your Astrology knowledge with the worldwide community of Astrologers, Astrology Researchers and Students around the world? If this sounds exciting to you, then you should consider publishing your article for FREE at Astrology Research Journal (ARJ)! We accept articles written on nearly any Astrology-related topic. If you have an idea for an article or if you have an article ready for publishing, drop us a line, and let us know what you're working on.

Why Should You Write for The Astrology Research Journal (ARJ)?
We don't pay our authors – BUT - if you're someone who gets excited about Astrology, coming up with unique intellectual concepts, ideas and/or historical data then you’re a potential author! If you have an idea for an article that by sharing these with others will assist you to get your thoughts across to other astrological scientist and professional astrologers, then you’re a potential author.

At Astrology Research Journal (ARJ) we prefer to have unique, useful articles. Many article authors want to obtain the largest possible audience for their articles, so they send them to many Astrology-related Web sites. That's perfectly fine, but if you're taking that approach, please do not send it in the Astrology Research Journal (ARJ) as well. We aim to publish unique articles that are not generic or easily found elsewhere. We are looking for those innovative thinkers who are astrologers, thinking outside of the box or making a difference in the study or research values of modern day mind-sets.

If you have fun writing and sharing your interests and expertise with others, you are the ideal author candidate! We put no pressure on writing deadlines or styles. (We do ask that your article focus on lengthy explanations and examples as opposed to a short description –please be thorough.)

How Should You Write for The Astrology Research Journal (ARJ)?
Once you have decided on a topic and have contacted us and gotten the go-ahead, it is absolutely imperative that you write your article in Word .doc or Notepad text format. No HTML formats. Text format - using Notepad or Edit or some other text editor. If you PREFER to use Word, please be sure to save your documents as a TEXT ONLY file!

Images for example or demonstrative purposes are strongly encouraged where appropriate. All images should be in either GIF or JPG format in with a reasonable file size, please. All original images used in the article should be sent in as well, preferably in ZIP format if there are multiple files.

Once you have completed your article, email it - along with images, code, and article text - to webadmin@astrologyresearch Depending on the current queue of articles, it can take up to one to three months before your article will appear on Astrology Research Journal (ARJ). Normally, however, articles make it onto the site within the next month.

The Stylistic Details
When you write your article, there are certain writing deficits or stylistic errors to AVOID. Things to stay away from include:

  • Inadequate discussion of an advanced topic (never assume that everyone knows what you're talking about - if you don't want to delve into details, at least provide a URL for more information)

Stylistic techniques that are encouraged include:

  • A beginning introduction explaining what the article will examine in plain English.
  • A high-level technical discussion of the various parts of your piece.
  • A more in-depth or unique presentation of your topic or study.

Sticking to these encouraged stylistic practices and refraining from the discouraged stylistic practices will make your article easier to read, understand, and to expedite publishing to the thousands of readers who will read your article each month.

When Should You Write for The Astrology Research Journal (ARJ)?
Start Right Now ! If you'd like to write for Astrology Research Journal (ARJ), just start by dropping us a line, letting us know what topic(s) you'd like to write about!  You must read, fill out, and agree to the author consent form. Essentially this agreement grants exclusive rights to the article for a period of 180 days (meaning you agree not to publish it on other Web sites, sell it, etc. during this time period) and the right to library and maintain your article in our archives indefinitely.

Also, by agreeing to the terms you are claiming that the work you submit is original. Of course, you should closely read the terms yourself. If you have any questions about the author consent, please contact us!

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