Statement of Purpose

" It is time to put science back into the "Cosmic Science."

Yes, it is true that many of the criticisms skeptics have voiced about astrology are unjustified and based on their lack of familiarity with the subject. However, one of their points stands tall. It is not the job of skeptics to "disprove" astrology. It is the job of astrologers to provide hard evidence that astrology does work.

Of course "anecdotal evidence" does have validity, but it is not definitive, not concrete. The only way to go is to do large-scale statistical studies. These are almost impossible to do manually, as any astrologer who has attempted this can tell you. That way, madness lies.

Fortunately, in the last two decades, new software has been developed that greatly eases the task. It is now possible to look for the occurrence of objectively verifiable horoscope factors in a sample population and compare the results against a randomly selected control group. This is what this journal is going to be about.

There will be none of those disgustingly general articles on "Sun signs."

What will be published here will be statistical studies done with control groups, and articles that do an in depth analysis of those studies. Yes, it is true that correlation by itself is not proof of causality, but consistent lack of correlation does imply the absence of a causal link.

Establishment of correlation is, therefore, a necessary first step in the examination of any phenomenon. The Astrology Research Journal is intended to be a first step in that direction.

Our Motto: " It is time to put Science back into the "Cosmic Science."