Who is a Murderer?
Four Articles

Case Study of Murderers and their astrological connections.
This is Four Part Article.

In Part I, an initial examination was made of single factors the horoscopes of sixty killers and sixty single murderers (those who killed only one victim).

In Part II, combinations of factors were examined for the serial killer group alone. In both papers, the results were compared against control groups.

Recently, birth data became available on 38 additional serial killers.

Part III reports on the next step: comparison of the previous results against data from the new group to see if any factors are replicated.

Plus: Article IV: The next question is, do any of these aspects occur at the same 50% or better rate in the horoscopes of other types of murderers?   In other words, are there astrological signatures for murder in general?

Robert J. Marks,
Professional Astrologer



" In an effort to predict the occurrence of work-related accidents and to provide further perspectives to accident prevention, astrological patterns in work injuries were examined. Statistical results indicate that there are distinct periods of time when individuals are more accident prone. These periods involve hard aspects from the transiting Sun to the Sun's position at birth. The study included 1023 injured people who filed a Workers' Compensation claim and were disabled for at least three months. It was hypothesized that people tend to suffer accidental injuries significantly more frequently around the time of their birthday, three months before or after, or six months after their birthday. The research hypothesis was supported with a high degree of statistical significance. It provides support for some of the basic concepts of both Western Astrology and  Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).. ."

This is not an article, but an abstract of a dissertation.

Sara Klein Ridgley,


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